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Since 1959: Our experiences run deep

As a pioneer in the concept of incorporating marketing strategy into exhibit design, MG Design has organically grown to become a powerhouse in face-to-face marketing. Today, as mg, we’re the one name you need to know for all your experiential marketing programs. simply game-changing. simply all-encompassing. simply mg.

Theirs. Yours. Ours.™

mg uses our experience to create engaging, relevant and memorable guest experiences, and for YOU and YOUR brand, experiences that are collaborative, seamless and rewarding.

Strategy + Imagination
= Results™

mg blends our exclusive 5-Step creative process with the industry’s best and brightest minds to design intelligent brand experiences for YOU that drive measureable results.

magnified REACH™

Our magnify™ engagement marketing group provides the strategic, creative and technology tools to amplify YOUR brand experience well beyond the footprint and timeline of YOUR event.


The Integration of Digital & Physical

There’s no substitute for face-to-face interaction, but mg enhances that encounter with integrated digital solutions that help you tell your story, help you educate your audience and help you drive results.


Single Source Simplicity™

mg brings YOU the simplicity, efficiency and firepower essential to be YOUR single all-inclusive partner for YOUR every face-to-face marketing need.


From facilities in the top US convention cities, to our own nationwide labor/logistics teams to the convention capitals of the world, mg is where YOU need to be.


Global Expertise

Our dedicated global team helps YOU navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of international exhibiting from Shanghai to Santiago.

A Better Show Floor Experience

Our labor, logistics and supervision teams create a composed and controlled on-site experience, allowing YOU to focus YOUR talents on YOUR brand as YOU both take center stage.


Peace of Mind

When YOU’RE comfortable with a partner, YOU can relax, knowing they’ve got your back. With mg, YOU’LL experience the sheer delight of working with a team who is vested in YOUR success.

Meaningful Value

mg helps YOU define what meaningful value means to YOU, design the right strategies and tactics to drive that value and help YOU refine, measure, analyze and report that value to YOUR stakeholders

And by the way, we’re not against helping you celebrate your success too!

Are You Ready to Build a Great Experience?

Let’s talk today about a collaboration that unites a strategic approach with service distinction and executional excellence to build a great experience for YOU, YOUR brand and YOUR audiences.


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